Gustavo Rivera’s three predecessors have ended up in prison for violating the public’s trust, so he has worked since his election in 2010 to bring integrity and honest leadership back to our district by rebuilding the lost trust and working to serve the interest of his constituents.


  • Introduced legislation to increase government transparency and make it mandatory for public officials to disclose all sources of income apart from their government salary. This bill was included and passed as part of Governor Cuomo’s ethics package.

  • Sponsored legislation to ensure convicted felons would be barred from lobbying the government for three years.

  • Co-sponsored the Public Campaign Finance Act, which would get the corrupting influence of money out of politics.

  • Helped pass the Public Trust Act which established stiffer penalties and crimes against public officials who violate the public trust.

  • Helped pass a law lowering the participation age on our local community boards to 16, ensuring young adults have a voice in our community.