Having moved from Puerto Rico in his 20s, Gustavo Rivera knows what it is like to leave one culture and homeland for another. Not only does he strongly believe that as an elected official it his responsibility to represent all of the residents of the 33rd Senate District, regardless of their immigration status, but he also has worked tirelessly to provide immigrant communities the resources they need to thrive.


  • Introduced legislation to provide translation services to all New Yorkers accessing state government resources. Parts of this bill were included and passed as part of Governor Cuomo’s language access executive order.

  • Successfully worked with Governor Cuomo and immigrants’ rights advocates to suspend Secure Communities In New York State.

  • Co-sponsored the New York DREAM Act to ensure every child has access to pursue a higher education.

  • Held multiple immigration clinics and CUNY Citizenship Now workshops to help connect hundreds of constituents to immigrant services and legal assistance to aid them in their citizenship application process.