Gustavo Rivera has fought to preserve and increase affordable housing options for Bronxites.  As a tenant in a rent-regulated unit, Gustavo Rivera knows first-hand the day to day struggles of tenants in New York City.  When rent regulation laws were set to expire, he fought to extend and strengthen tenant protections.


  • Secured $250,000 in rehabilitation grants for three Mitchell-Lama developments in the 33rd district, namely Twin Parks NW Houses, Twin Parks SE Houses and Twin Parks SW Houses.  This funding will help preserve and improve affordable housing that already exists in the Bronx while we continue to work towards comprehensive solutions to expand affordable housing statewide.

  • Helped hundreds of seniors freeze their rent by enrolling them in SCRIE.

  • Helped hundreds of constituents avoid eviction and address their housing issues by connecting them to free legal services and city and state agencies.

  • Organized buildings that were being neglected by landlords and partnered with legal services to file HP actions against irresponsible landlords.  

  • Partnered with the Urban Justice Center to hold NYCHA accountable in the courts when the residents of Claremont Houses were without heat for two years in a row.

  • Held various housing forums which connected Bronxites to government agencies, community organizations and advocacy groups that helped them gain access to local resources with a spectrum of common housing issues.